1. Open the Shut off menu, press it for long and you will enter into the Safe Mode. Moreover, when you phone get poisoned or has small fault, by entering it you can repair your mobile.

2. Choose Setting - Safe - Hidden to protect, you can set two passwords for your Huawei Honor 6 for the sake of a more secure environment. And with the two passwords to unlock for logging in, you will enter into different application environment.

3. Lock the 3G or 4G network, and insert "*#*#2846579159#*#*" on the dial interface, choosing 7 represents network function setting, and 4 for network mode locking.

4. Freeze most of the softwares. Insert "*#*#2846579159#*#*", choosing 5 represents background settings, and 14 for opening the freezing process function switch. And then come back to the Settings - Application management - All. After that you can stop most of the software that you don't want to use. And you can restart it at any time you want to use.