Today we are living in the era of intelligence, and the function of the mobile has also become more and more rich, and some mainstream mobiles even support print function, so is the Huawei Ascend Mate 7 smartphone. Here we will make a detailed introduction of the mobile print function for you.

Mobile Print Function Specific Using Method:

Step 1:

Enter the Setting-Printing interface, and click "Add service", it will adjust to the Google Play website, but you can't visit it. By searching the data on the Internet and compared with the printing interface of the Nexus, the Add Service can add the Yun printing and HP prin plugs. However, because the Yun print needs the supporting of the Google account and Google server, it can't be used in domestic. So you can download the "HP Print Service Plug" in our domestic apps stores.

Step 2:

As to the HP Print Service Plug:

Click "HP Print Service Plug", the "Searching the printer" interface will appear.

You can also add the printer by yourself:

Click the button in the lower-right corner of the window, and enter the adding printer interface, just by clicking and you can use it.

Step 3:

WiFi Network connected to the printer or just directly connected.

Click "Using WiFi network", it will open a pop-up frame of "Add printer".