Huawei Honor 4X mobile is one of the hottest 4G smartphones among the one thousand yuan phone market, and it has gained a wide attention from the inside to the outside industry after it is launched for an excellent cost-performance and Glory quality. On 6, January, the Honor 4X series will land on the two platforms of Huawei electronic and Jingdong mall, including five version of Huawei Honor 4X Mobile, Unicom, Telecom, Netcom with two colors of white and golden. And you can buy it without reservation.

As a main 4G smartphone, the Honor 4X has a advantage on the network connection. More than 100Mbps downstream connection rate, which is over than the ordinary household broadband, with which you can use the 4G high-speed network at anytime and anywhere, all these making it the real "4G Ticket Robbing Artifact".

Huawei Honor 4X

Besides, it is also a high quality of smartphone which is only charged with one thousand yuan. The back shell of the model adopted a similar "log wood" and "cotton spinning cloth art" material, offering an extraordinary simple sense. Moreover, there are red, blue and golden colors for you to choose, which greatly satisfy the personalized appearance demands for the consumers.

As to the core configurations, it can also meet the requirement of the game lovers with the first 64 bit Octa core processor of Huawei mobile. At the same time, it has reduced the power consumption.

There is no doubt that the Huawei Honor 4X is the most powerful works among the one thousand yuan machines. If you would like to buy the one thousand 4G Android mobile phone, both the Huawei official and the Jingdong mall are avaiable with a plenty of products, and just waiting for you to take it home.