Though Huawei P8 will not appeared on the coming MWC, Huawei Mobile has prepared a special conference for it, which has been decided on 15, April in London.

Huawei P8

And now there is other news about the new Huawei P8 mobile phone, though it has a big difference with the former configurations, it is sure to be the most reliable.

It is said that the P8 will continue the ultra thin design, and 7mm thickness. At the same time, one of the biggest highlights of the Huawei P8 is the beautiful appearance. Metal frame with dual glass material and equipped with a 5.2 inch screen as well as the 1080P resolution.

Besides, it is not carried with the 16nm Hisilicon Kirin 930, for it will have a 2K screen with this kind of processor. It is predicted that it will uses a small upgraded version of the Kirin 925, and built in 2GB RAM. As to the camera, it will also not be the same dual camera as the Huawei Honor 6 Plus, while a single 13.0MP camera, and not support the fingerprint recognition function.

Well, news also showed that the new Huawei P8 price will not be over 3000 yuan. Moreover, it is also said that Huawei Mate 8 will be much more expensive than the P8 smartphone.