Among the 3GB RAM mobile with MTK processor, Iocean M6752 that has been launched with the: ROCK” M6752 by Iocean Mobile is one of the standard product.

Iocean M6752 has been formally listed in February. News about the new Iocean model came out that except for the IOCEAN M6752 smartphone, there will be another new mysterious mobile released in March.

Iocean X9

We called it mysterious because there is no specific mode for the new model released. The former new product is named with a creative name of Iocean M6752, so the new model will also have a personalized name. Moreover, news also said that the new mobile phone will belong to the Iocean X Series, and it is more likely to be the Iocean X9 as the rumors said. In total, this new machine will be the flagship product that both featured with a better design and high configurations of Iocean Mobile.

Though still not know whether it is the true Iocean flagship, judging from the publicity figure that has been exposed, we can see that it adopts the same sex frame design as the Iocean X8, and uses the metal material, while more special with the card slot in the middle of the frame. Though no more news about the new mobile, it is not difficult to image that the Iocean X9 mobile may do better both on the process and design. The description from the Iocean Office is also full of literature and art – Light up your life.

As to the Iocean X9 release date, it will be formally released on 6, March. More news about the new Iocean Andrioid mobile please stay tuned for our later news on our website.