HTC ONE series of M9+ / E9+ new product release, suggesting MediaTek new smart phone solution MT6795 / helio X10 officially listed, as MTK currently the strongest flagship product, this program is currently only have HTC, Xiaomi mobile phones and other uses, Meizu, Lenovo and MediaTek cooperation manufacturers also related product plans.

Iocean Z1

Follow MediaTek awaited small brands, the use of MT6795 seems more logical thing. A survey recently launched iocean phone will accidentally revealed the next generation of new information, this product is equipped confirm MTK MT6795 solutions.

The next generation of Iocean products in the public polls, and can confirm that this new product will be attached to the new Z series, internal models should be set Iocean Z1, this product will use MediaTek MT6795 (helio X10) octa core solutions, equipped with MTK6795 , Z1 should be a position higher than the M6752 and X9 models.

Iocean Z1 screen, memory and photographed several core specifications are also options for users to choose, the screen 5.5 inches 1080P, 5.5 inch  2K and 6 inches 1080P three options, memory, optional 2G + 16G, 3G + 16G and 3G + 32G , main camera 1300W, and another currently Write popularity 1600W / 2000W pixels also joined the new machine the survey, but the poll also shows the Z1 or have a chance to join the fingerprint recognition.

The biggest surprise should be derived from the battery and the thickness of the choice, if you choose 3000 mA battery, then, Iocean Z1 can be done slim thickness of 7.8mm, and if it is 4000 mA battery, Z1 will control the thickness in 9mm.

Iocean MT6752 using 64 octa-core processor just listed, but recent Iocean X9 will be a comprehensive listing, both prices are at $200, according to the Iocean new product frequency, more powerful Z1 will waiting for a period of time to be listed.