Lenovo VIBE X2 is absolutely the most representative design of Lenovo mobiles, besides the ultra-thin duselage, it is featured with the multi-layer frame. Therefore, it is no surprise to hear that there will be a VIBE X2 upgraded version.

Lenovo VIBE X2 Pro

Photos exposured showed that the Lenovo VIBE X2 Pro smartphone continues the multi-player frame design of the VIBE X2, and the frame color of this picture is also consisted of silver, golden and so on. It is predicted that the appearance of this X2 Pro will be the same as the X2, and won't too many changes with its style. What's more, Lenovo insiders said that the VIBE X2 PRO will won two first in the world. It insisted the concept of not compromise other parts and no "shortcomings" compared with the VIBE X2 when designing the new mobile, which is more balanced in wholes.

Once there have been a Lenovo VIBE X2Pt5 which is similar to the VIBE X2 appeared on the Industry and Information Ministry. And it is also the same multi-color as well as multi-player frame, while larger than the X2, and its screen size has been up to 5.3 inch with a better dimensions of 146.3*71*6.8mm. If no any other accident, these two mobile phones are referring to the same model. Well, for more detailed information about these Android mobiles please continue to focus on our website.