Letv phone release three product positioning from low to high was Letv One, Letv One Pro and Letv Max. End the day after the release of the Letv One reviews, here with everyone to see what surprises this Letv One Pro.

Letv One Pro

Letv One Pro features a full metal integrated body design, in addition to the front of the glass panel, the rest are metal. as the front of the phone with a suspended glass panel design, the Corning Gorilla glass is placed on top of the fuselage and the border, so that the information screen to feel no borders.

Letv One and Letv One Pro more rounded shape, body size of 147.9 × 73.5 × 9.5 mm and weighs 177 grams. The first feeling in his hand is thick and heavy. Back with arc design, a bit like previous HTC One series phones, with the narrow frame design, with a good sense of a single hand held.

Letv One Pro

In the back of the fuselage, the top and bottom two of a plastic antenna design point similar to iPhone 6, and in the LETV mobile phone conference, Letv One Pro stressed antenna to narrow more than iPhone 6 Plus.

Letv One Pro uses 5.5 inch screen from Sharp, with a resolution of 2K (2560 × 1440 pixels) level, the pixel density of 538PPI, with 1,300: 1 contrast ratio, the screen surface is covered with Corning Gorilla Glass three generations.

Letv One Pro and Letv Max is equipped with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810 processor, using 20-nanometer process technology, built four Cortex A57 core of four Cortex A53 core, support for 64-bit computing and eight cores simultaneously turned on. And, Snapdragon 810 baseband chip can support LTE Cat9 three carrier aggregation technology, the maximum download speed of up to 450Mbps.

Letv One Pro

In hardware, Letv One Pro using a Sony 1300W pixels OIS optical image stabilization lens, F2.0 large aperture, sapphire protective glass, color temperature and flash. 400W pixel front camera. Maximum support 4160 * 3120 resolution pictures were taken, the camera also supports 4K @ 30fps recording, looks very strong.