Letv mobile phone conferences held simultaneously in Beijing, China and Silicon Valley. Letv rely on the world's original vertical integration Letv ecological model, launched the world's first eco-phone brand Letv phones, starting two flagship series of three flagship products, Letv One, Letv One Pro, Letv Max.

Letv mobile phone

Letv phone using Qualcomm, MediaTek dual-platform top chip. Letv Max is the world's first all-metal total suspended glass without borders ID design, show the narrowest side of the world, the world's first side of the screen displays the total is less than 1.6mm mobile phone, Sharp 2K "happy color", 2100W Sony camera, exclusive custom LeHi -Fi. Letv Max representatives present the highest level of technology.

Letv new mobile phones released last all day, attracting more than 1,000 global media to participate in this unprecedented in the industry. Letv entire terminal network and other video sites synchronized global broadcast, covering over 100 million numbers, which are the first in the world of the Internet and the mobile phone industry, in terms of length, size or influence, Letv One have created a new industry benchmark.

Letv mobile phone

Letv released the world's first eco-UI system EUI, EUI is a longitudinal ecological interaction across the central terminal, EUI's mobile version redefines the boundaries of the mobile Internet. It will cover Letv TV side, the phone side, the car side, it is more emphasis on interoperability with a Letv Ecology and seamless connectivity. Mobile phone is equipped with a super version of the world's first multi-class EUI system desktop, original desktop LIVE, would like to see the desktop, let live and video become mobile Internet portal.

Letv phone is not just phones, but a complete mobile Internet ecosystem. With Letv ecology, Letv super phone mobile Internet ushered in a new era of ecology. Letv One Pro pioneered open the closed-loop ecological model will be the future direction of the mobile phone industry, the industry structure will usher in the era of change.