Meizu mobiles has created a small surprise on the price on its new products that have been listed, especially the latest Meizu Meilan Note smartphone, which are most popular among those who are fond of the brand while with lower price.

As to the MEIZU Meilan M1 Note inventory, according to the news that revealed by Meizu insider, the MEILAN will not only be on sale all around the country, but also a Ubuntu OS version availble. Moreover, there is new information about the MEIZU M1 Note Meilan Note Unicom version emerged.

Rumor about the Meizu ubuntu OS mobiles has been always existed, more possible with the MEIZU MX3 and MEIZU MX4. However, the ubuntu version for these two Meizu mobiles hasn't went to the public on a real significance. It is said that it wil be formally appeared on the upcoming CES and MWC two global exhibitions.

In addition, Meizu official also said that "Only the Meilan Note is The key to the UFO". So waht does the "UFO" mean? That is "Ubuntu Flyme OS". If no wrong with this interpretation, it means that there will be Meizu MI Note Ubuntu version, and it is more likely to be similar to the version of " flyme powered by yunos", which is based in the ubuntu OS, while the interface still keep the features of the flyme OS to some extent. What's more, "The key to the UFO" may also suggested that MEIZU MEILAN M1 NOTE will be the first product that adopt the Ubuntu OS.

Meizu Meilan M1 Note

Another news is about the Meilan NOTE FDD-LTE version. At the release of the new MEIZU smartphones, the official said there will be both 4G TD-LTE and FDD-LTE versions, and what is now on sale is the 4G LTE version which support 4G/3G/GSM network and dual SIM card dual standby.

Latest news showed that MEIZU Ofiicial will launch new MEIZU Meilan M1 Note firmware, and the Meilan note TDD-LTE version can support FDD-LTE network by flash, which is the same to the Meizu MX4 Flyme powered by yunos version mobile. However, it is also saild that the MEIZU M1 only support Dual 4G network after the firmware upgrading, and not support 3G WCDMA.

The list of the MEIZU NOTE has represented its determination for stepping into the one thousand yuan mobile market. And it is expected to grasp more young customers with the better quality, higher performance as well as a lower price. It also has proved that this new Meizu mobile is very popular among the users, in veiw of it, Meizu Office indicated that the M1 note will not be only sold through online chnnel, while sold all aroud the country. However, seeing from the current situation, it still has a long way to achieve the target.