Meizu Mobile not only released the ubuntu version MX4, also announce June 2 Meilan have a new product launch, and many new message points to Meilan NOTE2.

Meizu NOTE2

Meizu official release of the news on the new Meilan equipped with fingerprint identification rumors to clarify the new --Meilan new products no fingerprint identification, Meizu has been adjusted for Android buttons to adjust and improve, such as integration with the Android operating bar SmartBar virtual navigation keys, etc. If Meilan confirm have a physical HOME key, Meizu may use the key to achieve more new interaction design, some consumers to click, double-click, long according to achieve different functions.

Media exposure Meilan NOTE2 real machine photos, the left has an elliptical shape of the key settings interface Meilan NOTE2's really no fingerprints choosing settings, also it means that the phone should miss fingerprint recognition. In addition Meilan NOTE2 side leak may use Android 5.1 version of the Flyme OS, and the screen size is as same as Meizu MX4 PRO, is 5.5 inches.

Meilan series of the first products began to subsequent versions, pricing has always been close to a thousand yuan, rumored Meilan NOTE2 same or 999 yuan, should, If this price, under the influence of Meizu Meilan NOTE products, once again the impact of the Chinese mobile phone market.