The CEO of MEIZU Mobile released a new product photo on 3, March, which may suggest parts of the hardware characteristics of the next generation Meizu flagship-MEIZU MX5.

It showed a Home button which is designed differently with the former mobiles in this photo. Besides, instead of the square design which has been used on its former model of Meizu MX4 Pro, the Meizu MX5 appearance uses an elliptical shape, which is similar to the Home button of the Samsung Galaxy S6 that has just been launched on MWC 2015, while more beautiful. MEIZU’s CEO also said that it “We can only design this Home button with the fingerprint identification like this, for the previous Meizu M8 has even been similar to this kind of shape.

Meizu MX5

The new Home Button may imply the appearance of MEIZU MX5, of course, it may also the upgraded version of the MEIZU MX4 Pro. However, we believe most of people prefer to expect the emergence of the former Android mobile.