Because of the Iocean X7, Iocean Mobile have gained a lot of attention from the users in the domestic. And even the newly released Iocean X8 has not on sale in domestic. While there are many net friends attending the activity of the purchasing, which proved once again that there are still many people liking the Iocean electronics.

After launching the X8 series which equipped with double glass with metal frame, there seems no more information from the Iocean official, so it is inferred that there is a possibility that the Iocean will launched a series of new Android mobiles at the end of this year.

Iocean Mobile Phone

And now the Iocean mobile official has hung out its publicity pictures, from which we can see letters of "What you should do is just waiting for him", at the same time, we can also see the text which begins with M6, as well as three question marks and the corresponding Arabic Numbers of 12.4/12.3/12.5 that are suspected as the date. According to the arrangement ofthe question marks, numbers, it can be guessed that the M series may have a series of new product for launching, and many products will be listed on sale respectively on December 3, 4 and 5.

In addition, there seems to be some pictures which are suspected as the new products, and judging from the appearance, it is more like with the Iocean X8, while different with the front camera specification. Moreover, there are still many mobile images on the background, such as the MEIZU MX4, Xiaomi Mi4 and so on. As a result, we can infer that the new-coming Iocean models will be in high quwlity and be cable to fight against with the famous brands. Well, for more detailed information about the latest Android mobiles please pay a continous attention to our website.