Onda Tablet recently has released the latest BIOS for Onda V820 Dual OS, Onda V891W Dual OS and the Onda V919 3G Air Dual OS tablets. The new BIOS added the selection function for restarting the system when rebooting.

BIOS Update:

1. Enter Windows 8.1 OS, unpack the upgrade firmware package that has downloaded, and out it on the desktop of your tablet or the Root catalogue of the Disk C.

Onda Dual OS Tablets Latest BIOS Update

2. Double click the "UPDATE.exe" in the upgrade package folder,system will automatically update the BIOS, after 100% completed, it will automatically quit.

Onda Dual OS Tablets Latest BIOS Update

3. Restart your tablet, BIOS will fully updated.


1. Before upgrade, please make sure battery is above 40%, we suggest you to connect the charger to operate.
2. During the updating, please not do any other operation for your tablet, don't turn it off.
3. It is normal if the touch screen and the mouse can not be used during the updating.
4. After updating the BIOS, it will lead to useless of the clicking the system switching icon under the Win8.1 OS. You need to reinstallate the insydeQ2S (http://pan.baidu.com/s/1sjxAUqp), and then it recovery the one key switch function under the Windows OS.

New BIOS Operation:

1. Press the Volume "+" and the Power button for 3 seconds at the same time, your tablet will boot and enter into the OS selecting interface.

Onda Dual OS Tablets Latest BIOS Update

2. In the Selecting interface, you can move it between right and left(Switching between Android OS and Windows OS) by pressing Volume "+" and Volume "-". Select the system you are going to enter, lon gpress the upper volume button for more than 3 seconds, and make sure the right option, your tablets will enter into the selected operating system.

3. If not long pressing the Volume "+" button when starting your tablet, it will directly enter into the interface operating system before shutdown.