Onda tablet will join Intel held a new conference in Hongkong. The conference, Onda will join Intel released a new SoFIA 3G quad-core processor, the first production SoFIA 3G quad-core tablet "Onda V719 3Gs" will be officially unveiled! Intel, Onda electronics and high-level manufacturers will attend the conference and make a detailed explained, POMPMall.com site also will synchronize the conference report, so stay tuned!

Onda V719 3Gs

SoFIA 3G quad-core is  Intel's latest processor, the program is mainly for mainstream high cost performance of mobile communications and tablet PCs, it uses a 64-bit  Atom quad-core architecture with 28nm process, brings strong performance; at the same time, support for H. 265 and 1080p hardware decoding, and runs the latest Android 5.0 operating system. It is reported that the first quad-core New SoFIA 3G "Onda V719 3Gs" by Intel and Onda technical team to build and will be recently listed!

Onda jointly Intel held SoFIA 3G launch quad-core processors, Intel IDF conference will continue to bring the technology shock, and during the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, a huge influence. Combining the strengths of the first generation of new SoFIA 3G quad-core processor, will on the whole tablet and mobile communications industry has brought great shock. "Onda V719 3Gs" would be a start, low-cost mobile market will usher in the real pressure.