Onda tablet officially released the first 9.7 inches of new octa core 4G "V919 4G Air eight-core"! The first to use the new MediaTek MTK8752 latest eight-core processors, advanced A53 core architecture, powerful performance; carrying 9.7 inches original Air retina screen resolution up to 2048 × 1536, better quality; the same time, into the speed 4G networks, support for mobile 4G Internet with China Unicom and double talk. In addition, dual-band Wifi, 2GB large memory, GPS satellite navigation multi-mode, 4K video and other functions to configure everything.

Onda V919 4G Air

"Onda V919 4G Air eight-core" MediaTek latest 64 octa core processor MTK8752, with leading A53 core architecture, clocked at up to 1.7GHz, 8 core can run at full speed at the same time! Powerful Mali-T760 graphics processor, clocked at up to 700MHz, perfectly compatible with DirectX11 and Open GL 3.0 and other special effects, large-scale 3D games easily Fun. 64 Bit oversized 2GB DDR3 memory, 32GB eMMC memory chips run faster and more stable.

"Onda V919 4G Air eight-core" uses the same Onda V919 3G Air 9.7 inch Original Air retina screen, 2048 × 1536 resolution, clarity up to 264 PPI, display quality fiber cents. At the same time, the screen brightness up to 300 lumens, the overall color performance and brightness are legendary. IGOZ screen new generation technology, 52 channel touch screen, not only sensitive and precise operation, up to 57% more energy efficient.

Onda V919 4G Air

Industry leading Unibody metal forming technology, with single crystal diamond cutting technology, "Onda V919 4G Air eight-core" shows a combination of modern technology and aesthetics full of charm. 7.5 mm ultra-narrow side of the border, more compact than the Onda V919 Air, coupled with ultra-thin and ultra-light body, can be more comfortable grip for easy operation.

In the face of the 2.4G band WiFi data transmission channel is becoming more and more congested, resulting in tablet Wifi network appearance connection is unstable, slow transmission speed and other issues. "Onda V919 4G Air eight-core" is not only supported by the mainstream 2.4G band, but at the same time to achieve support for the latest 5.0G band. 5.0G band WiFi, less signal interference and signal stability is stronger, with up to 125MB / s transfer rate, 4 times faster than 2.4G.

Onda V919 4G Air

"Onda V919 4G Air eight-core" and Onda V719 3Gs built-in GPS module hardware, supports a variety of mainstream international satellite positioning systems, including GPS, Compass, GLONASS, etc., covering almost worldwide. Multiple systems can receive satellite signals at the same time, precise positioning is more accurate than a single positioning speed positioning, faster!

"Onda V919 4G Air eight-core" supports Bluetooth 4.0  data connectivity, an external key / mouse, Bluetooth headsets and other calls; and high quality iPhone sibling American OV 500W pixel autofocus rear camera (front-200W), camera / video Taking sharper; supports up to 4K (4096 × 2160 resolution) format video, and share Miracast wireless transmission. Equipped with the depth of customization ONDA ROM 2.0 evolutionary version of the operating system, the interface is more stylish, more humane operation.