As the appearance of the MEUIZU MX4 and MEIZU MX4 Pro, more expectation has been added invisibly for the MEIZU MX4 mini, unfortunately the MEIZU official has positivly statements: MX4 series is over, and will not launch a mini version.

On the other hand, it emerged that the new MEIZU products which the price is near one thousand yuan, is not only one version, but at least two.

The first one is the cheap machine with ¥799 which is launched earliest, and it will be appeared with the phones that are hundreds yuan in the early of next year. It is said that this kind of mobiles will adopt a 5.0 inch screen. The other one will come into the surface in December of this year, and it may not belongs to MX4 series, with a price ranged from ¥1000 to ¥1300, while using a larger 5.5 inch screen display. Gussing from the rumors that the MEIZU Mobile will adopt the 64bit MT6732/MT6752 processor in its thousand yuan machine, these two new products are likely to use the two solutions.

Owning to its great transformation of this year, it has devoted more energy to enrich the product lines. In viewing of the contrast between the one thousand machine and the boutique concept, this Andriod smartphone may take the example of Xiaomi Mobile Phones and add the one thousand yuan products into their new series.