Android 5.0 OS has been more and more attracting for the sweet " Lollipop" code and so many new features since it has been released, as a result, the domestic tablet market also started pay more attention to the new Google operating system. It is said that the PIPO Tablet still not forget to step ahead, and will release the Android 5.0 firmware upgrade the first with Rockchip, and the 10.1 inch PIPO P9 is more likely to be the first to upgrade to the latest Android 5.0 OS.


So what on earth has the Android 5.0 upgraded? Now let's have a deep knowledge of the new system.

1. Material Design

The biggest change of the Android 5.0 Lollipop lies in the design of UI. The new Android L system will adopt the "Material Design" specification. And the new UI will be much simpler, more colorful, and more vivid animation effects, at the same time, it will add the real-time shadows 3D view, and use more card style display effect, making the full platform more unified.

Android 5.0 Android 5.0

2. New Notification Center

The Android 5.0 notification center has been integrated into more card styles, and even under the unlocking state, it also support many many operations. In addition, users can custom the priority level of the notice, so that they will not miss any important notices. What's more, you can also set a specific notification authority, and then only permitted news can be reached to your smartphone. It will enhance human operating experience at the same time, for example, if there is a phone call when users are listening music, watching videos or playing games, it won't be shown in a full screen, but will pop-up operable notification card, and you can decide whether to answer or reject, which is sure to not affect enjoying the entertainment.

3. Longer Battery Life

Android 5.0 Lollipop optimized the battery life of the system, according to the battery power consumption, it will reduce the processor power consumption and the screen brightness, which can bring an additional battery life of 90 minutes for the users.

4. Safer than Before

The new equippment will startup encryption function automatically to prevent lost or data stolen. Meanwhile, SELinux will mandatorily scan the security vulnerabilities and malware of all applications. Users can also match your mobile or tablet through the Android Wear device, which wil make your product much safer.

5. Eqquipment Sharing

Assuming that you forgot to bring with the mobile, you can visit your personal information on another Android 5.0 Lollipop device, and it will bring a full new visiting model, in which users can set specific information to prevent others from looking.

6. Higher Performance and More Fluent Operating Experience

Android 5.0 Lollipop can provide a four times higher performance, with a full new ART architecture, which will goodbye to the Java virtual machine thoroughly. As to the running speed, it shows a much better fluency, and compatible with ARM, X86, MIPS, etc. Besides, it will add the supporting with 64 bit processor and provide a 64 bit Chrome, Gmail, calendar, music and so on, providing the same level performance experince as desktop for users.

7. Powerful Multimedia

Comprehensively improve audio, video and camera functions of the system, support multichannel, and inserted with USB microphone. Moreover, the OpenGL ES 3.1 make the Android step forefront on the graphical processing, which is the same as the desktop. At the same time, it also support RAW format, and support 30 fps full resolution video recording. The better video decoding make it will save more electricity when playing videos.

8. More Functions

More powerful and lower power consumption Bluetooth.

Improve the word contrast and color reversal as well as the reading experience.

Support up to 68 languages.

Much safer payment function.

Imrove the showing of the battery, Bluetooth and the data.

Android Beam:Uploading files among the Android device by just touching slightly.

System support double wake-up(Need the supporting from hardwares).

Improve the supporting of the keyboard accessories.

Well, more detailed information about the Android tablets Android L firmware upgrading please pay a continues attention to our later news on our website.