PIPO tablet on the basis of the W4 upgrade to a dual system of W4S, not only the built-in operating system Android4.4 and Windows8.1 two massive applications, storage upgrade to 64GB, the experience better, the official price of just 699 Yuan. W4S equipped with 64G eMMC SSD, successful installation of the dual system, but also plenty of space remaining, you can install all kinds of software, load the required information office, office and more convenient.


W4S preloaded Android4.4 and genuine Windows8.1 dual operating system, 64GB of large storage space, double the system is running very smooth, downloads, install the game, store files ...... bring you more satisfied with the dual system experience. In addition, greater storage capacity and faster read and write data transfer faster, copy files, load the game time is shorter.

W4S also uses 64GB eMMC SSD. eMMC is the latest embedded memory, mainly for the phone or tablet, simplifying the design of memory, multi-chip package (MCP) to NAND Flash chips and controller chip package into a chip with low complexity, high level of integration , greater stability, better compatibility and lower wiring difficulty advantages, maximum read and write speeds of up to 150MB / s and 52MB / s, data transfer faster, safer storage, and never lost the firmware.

W4S also equipped with Intel Atom processor Z3735F 22 nanometer manufacturing process, X86 architecture, quad-core design, the secondary cache 2MB, Intel HD Graphics integrated graphics processor and Intel Burst Technology 2.0 Turbo technology, support 64-bit computing support Direct × 11 effects, while the built-in 2GB DDR3L memory, outstanding performance, smoother experience.

W4S equipped with 8 inch 1280 × 800 wide viewing angle screen, visual experience, application experience and portability to get a good balance, compact body, play games nimble, more convenient to carry, time to enjoy the fun of the dual system . Dual system supports a hot start button switch, Android system more entertaining, enjoy the ultimate movie experience; Windows system work more advantages, processing documents, statistical reports, e-mail capability.

W4S comes with 200W pixel front / rear 500W pixel AF (Auto Focus) dual cameras, for you to record beautiful images. Meanwhile, W4S also supports OTG expansion, more features HDMI high-definition output.

PiPO W4S 64G of storage capacity not only can install more applications, store more data, files, and for us to bring a more smooth, rich experience of the dual system.