1: Phone supports NFC feature?
A: chopper C6 supports NFC functionality.

2: Mobile phone support hall switch?
A: chopper C6 Hall switch support, but need only be accompanied by Hall holster use.

3: Just bought the phone can not boot, the main screen when charging lights flash how to do breathing?
A: This is probably because the phone battery runs out and cause can not boot, connect the standard charger 30 minutes to boot.

4: phones have information warning lamp do?
A: There are information tips C6 chopper sound, no warning lamp.

5: Mobile phone during charging and play games when the cause of the fever may have?
A: (1)During a prolonged use of mobile phones to play big games, video, navigation and other functions, the device may heat is generated due to the power consumption of the phone caused by CPU speed work. In most cases, this is a normal phenomenon;
   (2) use the phone while charging the phone, such as playing games or watching video, make it easier for mobile phone fever;
   (3) the process of charging the phone battery will have a certain degree fever, which is a normal phenomenon;
   (4) If the phone is overheating, it is recommended to use power-saving mode;
   (5) Regular cleaning background software, applications do not require time to stop running, you can reduce CPU power consumption, reduce heat generation.

6: choppers C6 is to use a small card or standard card? How to install?
A: Use a knife C6 Mini sim card, remove the side of the fuselage Cato, the correct use of the SIM card into the slot.

7: charging full screen color screen, the screen is not broken?
A: This is an interactive screensaver kaleidoscope effect with the phone system, you can set - display --- interactive screensaver setting on or off.

8: How to open the back cover?
A: chopper C6 with integrated body design, the back cover can not be demolished.

9: Mobile developers can not find the option, how to open the USB debug port?
A: Connect the computer with USB data cable phone notification bar pops up connection prompt, click on the "connected USB debugging" into the developers options page, check the USB debugging.