1: The boot appear robot?
A: It is time to press the start button to enter engineering mode the volume, press the volume keys and power button on the phone to enter the test mode, then press the volume keys to move to the item and press the power button to restart the normal boot up, or you can hold down directly 20S around the power button.

2: Make a phone call to end, why phone leave the ear, the screen does not light it?
A: First open the Settings - Display - calibrate proximity sensor, then there will be an interface, a total of three steps, the first step will hand over the proximity sensor at about 3CM, the second step calibration point below the closest distance then hand can completely close sensor calibration points - the third step the most remote, most long-distance phone away from your ear is probably both the distance calibration success will automatically exit the calibration screen.

3: Wifi not connect?
A: Have a look at the number of connections limit router, disconnect and then reconnect the WIFI or turn off your cell phone WIFI another try, there is a cell phone with open wifi hotspot without a password, go to see a direct link look.

4: Software flash back why?
A: One is too little memory, multi- platform software may be running in the background, turn off unused programs; another is a software problem, re- installed over the next one might look like while recording what procedures, record feedback to us so. we better improve our system.

5: Android machine has a GPS option has a A-GPS option, is not it also be that we hide? Still do not have this option?
A: there are no hidden points into the set - the location information access -GPS satellite positioning

6: Why cell phone signal is not full?
A: Because the C6 no false signal, the signal is true, whether the impact call quality?

7: Can be adjusted individually sized notification sound
A: To the profile which regulate their volume, some nice stuff is actually hidden inside the menu in the 23

8: Battery power time is not accurate?
A: a plug the USB cable, or will be charging a battery inside the time will be recalculated.

9: Phone while playing the game, if you do not operate, one will back black? How to set the job?
A: Close enough sleep mode drop-down menu

10: How to choose which card to send texting
A: Settings -> sim card management which can set the default card to send text messages

11: Mobile phone use, the page suddenly enlarged?
A: Settings - Accessibility --- zoom gesture to see if there has not been opened, it will amplify the next batter 3.