Ramos tablet debut in January of this year at the CES CoreM M12 products, after an exposure caused widespread concern. Ramos M12 is equipped with the world's first 14nm process technology CPU-- CoreM Intel processor, with the Apple's new MacBook is same paragraph. The chip allows the M12 ensure the thin body at the same time, with a stronger performance than ordinary notebook. Recently, a new set of Ramos M12 Appearance picture in the network exposure, compared to before the appearance of the products on display at CES has been significantly improved, more slim, stylish, Ramos M12 release date is April.

Ramos M12

It is reported that before the CES show Ramos M12 for engineering machine, followed by Ramos on the basis of the original appearance after several optimized and improved, allowing the machine to become more slim, pretty, either have a very visual senses or the portability big improvement. Camera, the back cover, the box has done a lot of optimization and other details, and strive to extreme. Because of this, Ramos had to postpone the listing time of M12, which is precisely also verified Ramos product excellence philosophy.

Ramos M12 Ramos M12

Ramos M12 CoreM adopted Intel's latest chips, fanless design, not only to ensure quiet operation of the machine, but also make the body design is lighter and thinner. Coupled with the use of solid state drive, the screen for the whole bonding process design, and therefore the machine can be maintained at a relatively thin thickness, is expected to remain at around 9mm. This will undoubtedly bring a better portable than a laptop for mobile business professionals, if the price is reasonable, it can completely replace the notebook.