Teclast official has formally pushed its Teclast OS on Jan,5, 2015, which has been expected for a long time. And Teclast P98 Air tablet is the first model that chosen to equipped with the new Teclast OS, and another models will also recieved the Teclast OS later. The Teclast OS is focused on the user demands, and re-define the whole Android OS, making the tablets more convenient for using. Contracted style but not simple, offer a better service for the customers. The new Teclast OS is no longer the same original Android operating system.

Teclast OS

First open the "Teclast Automatically update", then we will see there is a option of "Online Update" in the OTA software, from which we can find out the Teclast OS updating tip.

Teclast OS Teclast OS Teclast OS

Teclast OS Updating Instructions:

1. Re-drawing desktop icon makes the flat more beautiful.

2. A full new desktop sorting at a batch, support editing the desktop by inserting two fingers. Added with dynamic water ripple effect for icons

3. Add varieties of screen transitions effect and 3D dynamic.

4. Add the drop-down locking function at the multi-task table.

5. Deep customed basic applications of Clock, File management, Calculator, Download, User feedback, and setting.

6. Main menu bar changed with the Android L style.

7. Add the frosted glass with the drop-down menu.

8. Teclast P98 Air added the local theme.