Our adaption of Android 6.0 for your phone is about to finish and we’ll be able to release it OTA around the end of April. Sorry for keeping you wait so long but we promise the final version will come out good to use. Now you can download the near-completion version following this link while the flash guidance is the same as that for Android 5.1.

You can see on our latest video that the Android 6.0 will be an operating system better to use. It will offer more permissions for you to manage and personalize your phone. What’s more important, the android 6.0 Ulefone Power will have even higher energy efficiency while you can feel every operation will be 2 times faster than before.

Here are some things you need know before flashing the ROM aforementioned:

1. Since this version is not the final one, everything you doing with your phone you do on your own risk while the company is not taking responsibility for anything that may happen after flashing the ROM.

2. Fingerprint scanner driver has not been added to the Marshmallow  Beta ROM, but the OTA version will be full-functioned.

3. The ROM for download is 32-bit while what will be released OTA will be 64-bit for sure.