Xiaomi Mi5 Plus is said to be equipped with Snapdragon 810 processor, and has 6inch 2K screen, 4GB RAM + 32GB ROM, with 16MP back camera. While the biggest highlight of this mobile is the none-frame design. After the exposure of Xiaomi Mi5 mobile and Antutu Benchmark, people may feel it is not the ture new generation product of Xiaomi Mobile, maybe Xiaomi Mi4S more suitable for it. However, judging from the earlier posters by Xiaomi Office, there will be two new Xiaomi products appeared on 15, January. So what's the other Xiaomi mobile?

According to the recent Xiaomi Mi5 Plus news reported on Facebook, the keypoint of the new product conference will not be the Xiaomi Mi5 of 1999 yuan as the same price of its previous products, such as the Xiaomi Mi3 and Xiaomi Mi4 mobiles. It is more likely to be Mi5 Plus, and the Xiaomi Mi5 price may be 1000 yuan higher than all these mobiles.

In view of the higher price, we can imagine that the Xiaomi MI5 Plus specification is sure to be much better. It is siad that MI5 Plus will carry with Snapdragon 810 CPU, adopts 6.0 inch 2560*1440 screen, has a large 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM, and will also be provided with 16.0MP optical image stabilization camera. And one of the biggest bright spot of this machine is the nearly none-boarder design.

Well, whether the new 4G Xiaomi Android mobile will really designed without the frame or not is still not known, all are waiting for the coming of Xiaomi Mi5 launch date of 15, January.

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