Xiaomi Mobile phone new flagship mi5 full exposure --Xiaomi 5 will be officially released in November, it will be equipped with Snapdragon 820 processor, with 4GB RAM.

Xiaomi Mi5 phone

Perhaps because Xiaomi Mi5 phone released sake, Xiaomi mi4 finally price cuts, straight down the price of 200 yuan, for many consumers is a good news, but do not know when Xiaomi mi5 phone release, in the face of price cuts xiaomi mi4 and new flagship mi5, consumers will choose?

Xiaomi mi5 inherited Xiaomi Mi Note Pro powerful configuration and excellent design, mi5 will use non-frame design, is equipped with 5.5 inches 2K screen, built-in 4GB RAM, with 16GB and 64GB of storage space in two versions, and the first using fingerprint recognition technology.

It is worth mentioning that, Xiaomi mi5 is equipped with fingerprint recognition technology will have a comprehensive breakthrough over the prior art. Sources pointed out, Xiaomi mi5 and Xiaomi Mi5 Plus fingerprint buttons are not separate entities in the traditional sense, but rather in combination with touch buttons, also said xiaomi mi5 of fingerprinting and touch buttons for Integration, this will mean that Xiaomi MI5 will be on a new level in technology.

Xiaomi MI5 in the camera may be equipped with 1600W pixel main camera, Xiaomi MI5 will support dual sim dual standby dual active, Snapdragon 820 processor, Xiaomi Mi5 AuTuTu Benchmark will be more than 70,000 points or more.