According to the current news, ASUS mobile phone is about to release a new generation of ZenFone mobile phone in July, code-named "electric God 4".From the official name point of view, should be following the "ASUS God 5000" and put the long battery as the selling point.But at present they don’t announce the release date and the price.May be it will be released with the ASUS Zenfone 4 series.
Asus zenfone new phone
ASUS mobile phone has always been cost-effective style, performance naturally do not have to worry about. The overall design quite satisfactory, front fingerprint identification Home button, the fuselage with no trace of all metal to create, appearance and texture quite outstanding. The new phone screen about 5.5 inches and with a narrow edge design, great beauty, both to allow users to feel the big screen shock effect, but also better balance the comfort of one hand control. In the configuration, the use of octa-core 64-bit processor, and supports CA, memory for the 3GB +32GB combination, and supports up to 2TB external storage expansion. The user interface is equipped with the latest "4.0" system.

As for the camera, the new phone with rear dual-camera program, and with 120 ° wide-angle lens, I believe that the photo shoot will be more shocking effect, but also allow people to love the photo to experience the fun of photography. Of course, ASUS Zenfone AR supports AR and VR, already listed in Taiwan and Malaysia.

The new model is known as the "power of God,", it is not difficult to imagine the battery will have amazing endurance, it is learned that the game with ASUS 4 can be continuous for 13 hours, we do not have to go out to play heavy power Bank. Not only the new phone will be releasd, ASUS zenfone 4 max has also been released in Russia, it is said ASUS zenfone 4 with Snapdragon 660 will also be released at the end of the month. Then the remaining ASUS zenfone 4S and ASUS Zenfone 4 selfie may also be released later.