The report from GizOK chain as claiming the new range of Zenfone 4 smartphones will arrive with "higher" hardware specifications than the recent Zenfone 3 line.


Asus plans to launch the Zenfone 4 range in May 2017. It's interesting to note we're told Asus will launch “smartphones,” plural, which points to another set of Zenfone devices, rather than a single model. The Zenfone 4 phone launch may coincide with the Zenfone AR being put on sale.

ASUS is apparently going to position the devices higher in terms of specs. Of course, considering “higher” is pretty vague, we aren't going to hold it against ASUS if every new device isn't running a Snapdragon 835 chipset with 6GB of RAM and a microwave toaster embedded. For now, we're just hoping to see their Tango phone be made available before the tech begins to feel stale.

Little has been rumored about any future Zenfone 4 devices. One leak suggested 5.2” device with 4850 mAh but that seems better suited to a Max long-battery device and not a new flagship.