ASUS have lauched two new smartphones this year ,that is ASUS Zenfone3 Zoom and ASUS Zenfone AR.Zenfone3 Zoom has been sold for a long time,but Zenfone AR just released in Taiwan today i will tell you the Zenfone3 Zoom’s camera function.
ASUS Zenfone3 zoom
Using the same iPhone7Plus dual 12 million pixel camera combination with a powerful SONYIMX362 sensor, placed in the back of the camera module from the top of a wide-angle main lens and a telephoto lens, respectively, to achieve 81.8 째 wide and 2.3 times lossless optical zoom +12 times digital Zoom in the focal length of the shooting, 2.3 times the optical zoom technology help, the user focus without sacrificing quality, you can flexibly change the screen layout, and advanced 12 times digital zoom also play a role in a particular scene, so far Framing more easily easy to get. In the fixed focus shooting, F1.7 large aperture configuration so that the lens into the full amount of light, significantly reduce the noise, called dual-camera in the top of the phone.

At the same time, the front camera with 13 million pixels + large wide-angle design, making the ASUS Zenfone3 zoom in the same viewfinder distance can accommodate a wider picture content, regardless of self-timer or friends photo is also more handy, and the phone comes with ten beauty function , According to the needs of arbitrary adjustment, operation more convenient.

ASUS Zenfone3 zoom equipped with three new mixed focus technology (TriTech +), three kinds of focus mode automatically match the choice of any scene should be 0.03 seconds fast focus, and the range and accuracy is also greatly enhanced. Anti-shake, the continuation of the ZenFone3 family OIS + EIS double insurance system, the use of four-axis OIS optical anti-shake + three-axis EIS electronic image stabilization technology, through the lens floating lens to correct the "optical axis offset" The screen to compensate for the correction, effectively stabilize the screen jitter, reduce the picture "bumpy sense", so that the movement of the imaging effect is more clear and natural.

ASUS Zenfone3 Zoom not only have a powful camera function,but it also have a great appereance and its bettery is very durable.Of course ,there are news that it will be launched the ASUS Zenfone 4 in July.And the good phones are worth buying.