As the coming of the MWC at the end of the February that the Backview has prepared much to get a great reputation and it is said that its new machine of the Blackview A20 will also participate the grand conference that has attract many people’s attention.

According to the leaked information on the internet that it is a version that aims to the most people to afford it, for it sells with a reasonable price with the help of the 2+16GB memory combination that although the storage is not as big as the phone of the Blackview BV9000 Pro, it can meet the basic requests for the customers.

You may think that this model will without many functions compared to the phones like the Blackview BV5800 Pro and the Blackview P10000 Pro that the answer is no, and on the contrary that the functions such as the WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS etc. that no one will left like the other models.

Finally, how about the camera performance? It is equipped with 5.0MP front camera and 8.0MP+5.0MP dual rear cameras that the pixels is not very high, but the photos will be natural and clear like the Blackview S8. More information about it, you can see it here: .