Blackview in Shenzhen held a theme for the "Smartphone for Everyone" live broadcast in the March 30, 2017 .It introduced the world's most popular three anti-phone,Blackview BV7000 Pro and Blackview BV6000, as well as the flagship machine Blackview P2. blackview bv7000 pro smartphone
They use BV7000 Pro smashed walnut, smashing nails, the phone completely without any problems and can continue to use,that MBV7000 Pro screen scratch and anti-smashing ability,are very reliable.Then put BV7000 Pro into the water and sand to show its performance of waterproof and dustproof. After taken out from the water and sand, BV7000 Pro was still running normally and fluently with no problem, IP68 was certified, and its waterproof and dustproof were absolutely trustworthy.

Then the test is BV6000 and P2,they also have a very powerful function.By the way ,Blackview P2 has a large battery, which is 6000mAh.

The above phones are selling on pompmall, their price is less than $ 200.Then released Blackview bv8000 and Blackview bv9000 pro will also be available on our website.If released, we will update our website, you can at the lowest price to buy the best product.