Blackview BV8000 pro has been released for a peroid of time and if you understand the performance and configuration of this phone, you will love this phone.It is one of the most worthy buying phone in blackview phones.
blackview bv8000 pro
Blackview BV8000 Pro use MTK6757 processor with 5.0-inch screen.6GB+64GB conbination storage with 16MP rear camera.Of course ,BV8000 Pro is a look very professional three anti-smart phone.It has a typical three anti-mobile phone appearance, such as angular polygonal modeling, tough lines and classic black +gray / lion gold /silver colors, which can make a glance Out of this is a three anti-smart phone. In addition to the use of high-strength rubber and other materials, but also on both sides of the box to increase the metal parts, to further enhance the strength of the fuselage.In addition to the phone ,Blackview BV7000 Pro and the upcoming released of Blackview BV9000 Pro,They are durable three anti-machine.

In addition, Blackview BV8000 Pro "chin" on the eye-catching "IP68" text - this is a IP68 level to achieve the three anti-level products, means that the machine can be dustproof, long time underwater can also be normal Use.The official promotional materials to confirm that the machine has the ability to take underwater camera. Coupled with high-strength materials to create the shell and Corning 3-generation gorilla glass help, BV8000 pro should also have a good shock and drop ability. As the main products for the outdoor environment, the aircraft also integrates a more comprehensive sensor, such as barometer, support GPS, GLONASS and other satellite positioning.At the sase time ,it also has NFC cunction and install Android 7.0 OS.

In addition to the Blackview BV series phone are worth buying,the another worthy buying phone is Blackview P series,which has a long battery life. Blackview P2 has 6000mAh battery and Blackview P6 with 6380mAh battery will be released soon.