Comparing to the brand of the Xiaomi and Huawei mobile phones that the brand of the Blackview without as big market share as the former, and usually they produce the products with the high equipments but with the reasonable price in order to attract the customers, including the new machine of the Blackview BV9000 Pro.

Blackview BV9000 Pro

The appearance of the BV9000 Pro is similar to the appearance of the Blackview BV8000 Pro, but compared them carefully that we can see the small difference between them. Firstly, the former equipped with dual rear camera while the later just with a rear 16.0MP camera. Secondly, the last generation uses a 5.0 inch screen, it is more comfortable to watch movies.

As for other configuration, it featured with Helio P25 Octa-core processor, 6GB RAM +64GB ROM on the basis of the Android 7.1 OS that the operate speed of the BV9000 Pro will be quick and amazing.

Last but not the least, it supports IP68 function that will make our life more convenient while the other phone like the Blackview S8 that we need to be careful to use it especially when in the moist environment with the simple but not lose character appearance. In addition, it equipped with dual rear camera with 13.0MP+5.0MP with a built in 4000mAh battery that we do not need to charge it often with normal use.