Many manufacturers are trying their best to attract customers in order to earn a higher market share as their brand is not as well know as the brand such as the Xiaomi, Huawei and other brands, including the brand of the Blackview that its new machine of the Blackview BV9000 Pro sells for a reasonable price with high equipments.

Blackview BV9000 Pro

It equipped with a simple appearance but contains fashionable elements that although it looks like the last generation of the Blackview BV8000 Pro, there are still some changes on it. It is said that the BV9000 Pro built in a 4000mAh battery while the BV8000 Pro equipped with 4180mAh battery that both of them with the size of 154.3x83x14.6mm, but the former with a bigger screen of 5.7 inches.

As for the basic configuration part, the machine except built-in Helio P25 Octa core processor, but also equipped with 6GB running memory while the Blackview S8 featured with the same RAM but it just uses Helio P20 processor, the internal storage space for the conventional 64GB that can support up to 128GB expansion, which is enough for us, equipping with 5.0MP + 13.0MP rear camera and system for Android 7.1 that the running speed will be quick.

For another function that many people care about—earphone port, it is said that this flagship will contain this feature, which makes many fans excited that they can enjoy the music like the phone of the Blackview BV7000 Pro on the premise of do not bother others.