It is very common that many people bring his new phone to the repair store for many reasons, including the broken screen, the careless treat of the phone for the water etc. Many manufacturers are producing the three-anti mobile in order to solve the problems in daily life. So, there is a new excellent phone will meet with us: Blackview BV9000 Pro.

Blackview BV9000 Pro

This machine brings us many surprises, not only its appearance, but also its reasonable price. It is a three-anti phone that looks very professional with typical three anti-mobile phone appearance, such as the angular polygonal shape that makes it is easy to recognize it from many phones like the Blackview BV8000 Pro. In addition, there is a clear logo of the Blackview on the bottom of the front side while the phones placed the logo on the back side.

What’s more, it equipped with Helio P25 processor when the Blackview BV7000 Pro was equipped with MTK6750T processor and it also supports the 4G network. It equipped with 6+64GB space combination + 4000 mAh battery that the performance is really wonderful and amazing. As for another mobile phone that with the MT6750T processor of the Blackview S8 that also with 4+64GB combination, if let you to have a choice between them, which one you like better? Blackview BV9000 Pro or the Blackview S8?