As the news on the internet said that the Huawei will not release its new machine of the Huawei P20 on the MWC in order to earn more attention in the world, there are still many manufacturers plan to release their new machines, including the Blackview that is said to prepare several new models to meet with us, and one of them is the Blackview P6000 Plus.

According to the machines that have released we know that there will be at least the black color for the customers with the help of the MTK6757CD processor that the running speed will the fast and smooth like the phone of the Blackview BV8000 Pro that the screen is 5.5 inch, which is easy and convenient for us to put it into the pocket to everywhere.

Another selling point of this version is memory combination that it is equipped with 6GB RAM+64GB ROM plus the Bluetooth 4.1 function that is enough for us to use like store the files we need and download the movies or games to spend our spare time on the basis of the Android 7.0 OS like the most other models such as the Blackview S8.

Last but not the least, it is said to be equipped with 8.0MP front and 21.0MP + 0.3MP dual rear cameras while the Blackview BV9000 Pro is equipped with 8.0MP front camera, 13.0MP +5MP back camera that both of them with the wonderful camera performance that the pictures will be clear and beautiful.