Since the launch of last year's Xiaomi Mi MIX, the full screen design seems to have become popular. It is said that there are many manufacturers produce their new machines with the full screen design. Today, let us to have a look of the DOOGEE MIX with the full screen.


Doogee is a mobile phone manufacturer in Shenzhen, and most of its products sold abroad. This Doogee Mix not only in terms of name, but also the appearance is alike to the Xiaomi MIX.

According to the news comes from the Pompmall that Doogee Mix with 5.5-inch screen that with the same screen size as the GOOGEE BL5000, and equipped with MediaTek Helio P25 processor that will give an amazing speed for us.

What’s more, it uses 6GB +64GB combination that is enough for normal use. The performance of the rear cameras equipped with 16 million and 8 million pixel combination is as excellent as the DOOGEE X20L.

It can be seen from the picture that the black version is more beautiful than the phone of the DOOGEE Shoot 2. Having said that, if this machine does not reveal the logo in the hand, it really will be regard as Mi MIX!