There are not many people know the Elephone Mobile as the products are mainly sold in foreign market, and although the popularity is not very high in domestic market, it has produced several new products with unique designs such as the phone of the Elephone S8 that has helped it to get the selling goal easily last year, but the topic today is about the new machine in the P series.

The name of this new machine is the Elephone P8 Pro that recently there are much information about it on the internet. It is said to be equipped with a 5.5 inch screen that is convenient to put it into the pocket to bring to everywhere we like to while the Elephone U Pro is said to be equipped with 5.99 inch screen with the help of the 6+128GB memory combination.

How about the camera performance? It is equipped with a 8.0MP front camera plus the 13.0MP rear camera that is convenient for us to take clear and beautiful pictures to record every happy moment in our daily life like the phone of the Elephone S8 Pro with a 3600mAh unmovable battery at any time and any places.

What worth to mention is that it is equipped with MTK P25 processor while the Elephone Fighter is equipped with MTK X25 processor that the operate speed will be fast and smooth that the performance will be amazing when playing the games on the basis of the Android 7.0 OS that although it can not be compatible to the Android 8.0, its performance will be outstanding compared to the phones with the same rank.