When the rear dual camera became popular, which is used by many mobile phones. Elephone P8 still use 16MP front + 21MP rear camera, but this pixel is very high.Of course, more than the camera attractive, it has other features.
Elephone p8
Elephone P8 comes equipped with MTK Helio P25 processor. Teamed with the capacity up to 6GB RAM and 64 ROM, theprocessor is powerful more than ever, easily run any heavy 3D games. Because it can provide faster processing ability when you need it.And it uses 5.5 inchs FHD display 2.5D curved screen, supports front fingerprint.And running 7.0 system.

On the other hand,P8 have 16MP front camera and 21MP rear camera,which is the same as the Elephone S8,that has 13MP front+21MP rear camera.Of course,the other Elephone p8 series have dual rear damera,such as Elephone P8 Mini and Elephone P8 Lite have 2+13MP rear camera, and they both have back fingingerprint.

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