As elephone high-end mobile phones, Elephone S8 full screen share is very high .And it is easy to make a mistakenly to thought that it was xiaomi mi mix.But they also have some difference,such as S8 use the front fingerprint.
elephone s8
Elephone S8 equipped with Helio X27 Deca core 2.6GHz processor with 6.0-inch 2k screen.The screen is very nice.In addition´╝îrunning 4GB+64GB storage.Like Elephone P8 ,they both have 21MP Rear camera, but S8 has 13.0MP front camera for convenient self-capturing, and P8 has 16MP front camera,installed Android 7.1.1 system.

From the appearance point of view, it looks better than xiaomi mi mix, Using pre-fingerprint with bezel-less design.And it seems to have multiple color versions, including white, gold, blue and so on.At present,the phone hasn’t been released,it is just on the website ,and there are Elephone A1 and Elephone A8 will be released,but now Elephone nother high-end phone Elephone P8 has been sold now.