Recently, there is much information about the new machine of the Elephone, for at the beginning of this year, this manufacturer has leaked several models’ information on their official website with the rough release time, and the most popular one is the model of the Elephone U Pro.

Before the information leaked, there is the information about the machine of the Elephone S9 filled on the internet that raised many people’s interests, and the U Pro is said to be the another name of the S9 with the same configuration, which has not be confirmed by the official, but there is no doubt that the U Pro version will be popular like the Elephone S8 released last year and it still very popular up to now.

It is said that the U Pro is equipped with the Snapdragon 660 processor that is the same as the phone of the Elephone S8 Pro that the performance will be excellent and the running speed will be fast and smooth. Meanwhile, it is a little pity that this new machine do not equipped with the function of IP68 like the phone of the Elephone Fighter that will bring a little inconvenience in our daily life.

What worth mentioning is that there is also the new machine of the Elephone U, which is equipped with the same configuration with the U Pro, except the processor that the Elephone U use MT6763 processor with the help of the 8.0MP front and 13.0MP dual rear cameras that the vision is clear like the camera of the Sricam SP019.