Earlier Elephone P8 Lite has now become Elephone P8 3D. According to Elephone website news, this phone supports Naked-eye 3D, so named P8 3D.
elephone p8 3d
According to the official website of the news, originally thought that Elephone P8 and Elephone P8 lite will be released in June .But only Elephone P8 is available now and Elephone P8 Mini is also can be used.But the new phone still doesn't know when it can be available.P8 3D and P8 Mini have the same processor ,which is MT 6750 Octa-Core 1.5GHz CPU .And they both have 4GB+64GB memory and have 16MP front camera and 2+13MP rear camera.But the most different is Elephone p8 mini has 5.0 inch screen and Elephone p8 lite has 5.5 inch screen and support naked-eye 3D.It seems that Elephone p8 lite is more attractive.

In addition to the dual camera phone,Elephone also has pixels relatively high mobile phone, like Elephone S8, is a 8MP front + 21MP rear camera full screen phone.And there are also cost--effective mobile phone,like Elephone A1 and Elephone A8,which price is under 60USD on pompmall.