Compared to the other models that the brand of the OUKITEL Mobile become the leader of the long standby models that it has produced several machines equipped with big battery that we do not need to worry the power is not enough especially when we go out, the one of the representative machine is the OUKITEL K10000 Max equipped with 10000mAh unmovable battery.

According to the news from the official, it is said that the battery of the K10000 Max is equipped with 9V 2A flash charger, and when it is full charged that it can use 8 days, 160 hours’ talk time and 100 hours video entertainment that sounds amazing that is the same as the phone of the OUKITEL K10000 with the same battery.

Except this feature, there is another sell point for this version that it is equipped with the function of IP68 that we do not to protect it from the water and dust which will bring much convenience in our daily life while the new machine of the OUKITEL K10 do not with such function.

As for other information, it is equipped with a 5.5 inch 1920 * 1080 FHD screen that will bring us a colorful vision and it is easy and convenient for us to put it into our pocket to everywhere we like while the OUKITEL U18 is equipped with a 5.85 inch 21:9 full screen that looks beautiful but it is a little big for using especially when we have a travel.