UMI also looked at the dual-camera market, model UMI Z Pro new smartphone recently officially arrived, it is also a dual-camera.Dual camera is its main selling point, in addition, it has some other features.

Compared to UMI Super and Umi Max,UMI Z Pro camera hardware has a great upgrade, it is the rear dual-camera SONY sensor, the pixels are 1300 (Samsung sensor), a soft light equipment. UMI Z Pro also has the ability to take pictures after the first focus, it can take pictures of beautiful black and white photos with double camare, also supports 2x optical zoom, 3D shooting, integration of beauty, photo editing and other functions.

As the same as UMI Z ,UMI Z Pro equipped with helio X27 ten-core processor 2.6GHz , with 4G RAM + 32G ROM memory, 3780mAh fast rechargeable battery and 5.5-inch 1080P IGZO display, the application of pre-fingerprint identification program, supporting Type-C.But UMI Z Pro have the logo changed, which is Changed UMI into UMIDIGI.