The brand of the Ulefone mobile not only pays attention to produce the new machine with popular features, but also focus their attention on producing the three-anti mobile phone. Its new machine of the Ulefone Armor 2 has released for some time and it will be ready to send out on the pompmall.
ulefone armor 2
It is not the first one to develop the three-anti mobile phone, but its color is the most attractive one that it combinates several colors on one, which is not like the phone of the Ulefone T1 and the Ulefone Gemini.

As for the other detail information, it equipped with the Helio P25 processor while the Ulefone T3 equipped with Helio X30 processor. 6+64 GB space combination is a little bigger than the Ulefone Gemini Pro while it is uses the 4+64GB memory combination that is enough for normal use. What’s more, it supports IP68 that we do not need to worry that life water when using it, which will bring much convenience in our life.

Last but not the least, it equipped with a 4700 mAh battery that we can take it to everywhere and convenient while the Ulefone Power 2 with 6050mAh battery. It is available to buy on pompmall, are you ready to get one?