The Ulefone Power 2 sizes itself up nicely against the likes of Huawei and its P10 handset. Both were launched in March and feature similar specs and price points. The Ulefone doesn’t come out on top every time but it does edge Huawei in select cases.

Take for instance the battery life of the Ulefone Mobile which is a whopping 6,050mAh. Contrasted against Huawei’s 3,200mAh unit and you get almost double the capacity. The screen is larger at 5.5-inches (P10 has 5.1-inches) but that detail largely comes down to personal preference.

Both phones do feature 4GB RAM and 64GB storage, and front-side fingerprint readers. But, Huawei beats Ulefone on the cameras, though, as it packs a 20-megapixel Monochrome + 12-megapixel shooter with help from Leica. Huawei’s is also thinner and includes a faster processor.

Each has advantages and disadvantages over the other, so it’s largely up to the buyer and what matters to them. The Huawei, for what it’s worth, is about three times the price of the Ulefone model.

The special introductory price of USD $179.99 (with gift bag) is just about over so if you’re looking to beat the standard $200 cost, you’ll want to hurry up. There are a variety of places to pick up the Power 2, Ulefone Armor 2, Ulefone T1, Ulefone T3, Ulefone F1 and Ulefone Gemini Pro, including POMP Mall.