Ulefone mobile phone as a new brand image into the foreign market launched a number of selling points highlight products. In addition, its new product launch speed has been extremely fast, and recently a new product—Ulefone T1 has been exposed.

Ulefone T1

In the configuration, the machine uses a 1920x1080 pixel resolution 5.5-inch screen like the phone of the Ulefone Tiger, equipped with Helio P25 processor, that the operate speed will be really fast like the Ulefone F2. In addition, it supplemented with Mail-T880GPU with 6GB running memory and 64GB local storage space.

What’s more, it uses the front 8 million with 1600+500MP rear cameras that the picture quality will make us surprised. The 3680mAh capacity battery that will support working for a long time for normal using while the Ulefone S8 just with a 3000mAh battery. It also with usb Type-C interface with Android 7.0 system.