Since we have almost completed the Android 6.0 adaptation for Ulefone Power, we are now also working on the Marshmallow for our HiFi device Ulefone Vienna. The upgrade is planned to come in June, however we should notice that even though we are trying to do our best to bring the updates in specified time, due to the contingencies that may appear during the software development and testing there may be some delays.

Ulefone Power

Compared with Lollipop, Android 6.0 will bring you the following experiences:

1. Rich management permissions.

2. Extra privacy protection.

3. About 30% lift in energy efficiency.

4. More useful functions such as turbo download.

5. Better interaction between you and the phone.

6. Of course better music experience.

So let’s wait to see what a Marshmallow Vienna will look like. Though the pre-sales promotion has ended, some of our retailer partners like still offer preferable prices and please don’t miss the chance to get it.