The UMI Plus E is the predecessor of the UMI Z smartphone. Its "E" is said to stand for "extreme" - well, it does pack a 6 GB RAM and the newest Helio P20, so in a sense it could be considered as a monster among mid-range smartphones.

Umi Plus E

The retail price of the UMI Plus E varies from where you buy it. Whatever the place, its retail price is said to be around $240-250. Yes, it is surprising, considering that it features 6 GB of RAM.

The body design of the UMI Plus E is very similar to the UMI Plus. But unlike the UMI Plus, it only comes in black which according to many tech enthusiasts makes it look a more bit like a premium model - specifically the iPhone's Jet Black color. Though it is a premium-looking smartphone, its size makes it a little difficult to actually use with one hand only.

The UMI Plus E features a 5.5 inch screen with 1080 resolution that is covered with a scratch resistant glass. Its colors are nice and vibrant, but struggle a little with contrast. And under sunlight, the screen display tends to be less visible - something to be expected from mid-range smartphones.

The UMI Plus E runs on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and is powered by the Helio P20 - the latest version of the Helio chips. The UMI Plus E is also the first smartphone to feature the Helio P20. It features 6 GB of RAM and a 64 GB inbuilt storage capacity.

For its rear camera, the UMI Mobile features a 13 MP camera and is able to shoot in 4k. It also has great aperture which makes it really good for blurring backgrounds. About its photo capturing performance, it does quite well in daylight, but in low light conditions, there is a bit of noise and the focus is kind of soft. For its video, it is average. There is also said to be some bugs with its camera app that causes it to crash from time to time.