After the release of the Xiaomi Mi MIX that the full screen is became popular and more and more phones with the design of the full screen, including the UMIDIGI Crystal Plus that it is said that the UMI Crystal Plus is the clone of Mi MIX.

UMIDIGI Crystal Plus

The Crystal Plus looks more premium with 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM that we have enough space to download several games and enjoy more movies we like while the UMIDIGI Crystal just with 4+64 storage memory. It is featured with Snapdragon 835 Octa Core processor, whose speed will be much faster than the UMI Z Pro.

As for the camera, 5.0MP front camera for self-taking, dual 13.0MP back cameras for the customers to record every happy time spend with their family and friends, and the picture quality will be higher than the UMIDIGI Z1 Pro and the UMIDIGI C Note.